London 2012

The managing partners all held senior manager operational roles during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This included the Olympic Park Operations Centre Manager and Last Mile Coordinator at the Olympic Park overseeing the movement of over 250,000 visits spectators per day, one of the single biggest operations of the 2012 Games.

Paul was the City Operations Cluster Manager for the Olympic Park, and Adam was Senior C3 Manager tasked with delivering all of the integrated communications for the Olympic Park and Road Events.

Prior to joining London 2012, Paul was an Advisor to the Olympic and Sports Minister based within the Government Olympic Executive in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Here he oversaw the £110m government funding package for the Paralympic Games and co-wrote the cross government London 2012 Legacy Plan for Disabled People.

Adam had a senior role at Transport for London where he led the development of the London 2012 Transport Coordination Centre (TCC). Further details on the TCC can found in the Project section.

LDN2012 CDM Busy Day Cross Over

Our senior executive team all held management positions within London Organising Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) in the build up to and during the 2012 Games. This event provided us with experience of working across the major partners in both the public and private sectors including the Government Olympic Executive (GOE), Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and Transport for London (TfL) working on various elements of the Games including City Operations and the creation of the Transport Coordination Centre (TCC), and management of the Park Operations Centre (POC) at Games-time.

As result of our diverse experience on this event that has informed one of our core values to only have staff with direct experience of major event operations so we can support our clients knowing our planning and delivery works both in theory and in practice.

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