London 2017 – World Athletics Championships

At the start of 2017, FOAMHAND® were commissioned by the local organising committee for the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships – London 2017 Ltd. Our role was to support the London 2017 team by providing a small team of flexible but dedicated resources to fulfil an identified gap in expertise for Command, Coordination and Communication (C3) and Event Readiness within the LOC. FOAMHAND® were requested review the anticipated event-time operations, facilitate operational readiness desktop exercises, set a strategic readiness road map and develop an appropriate Command, Coordination and Communication (C3) architecture that would support the safe running and coordination of the event.

With 24 weeks to go before the event started to receive its first arrivals there was a significant time pressure to ensure functional areas were familiar with their operational plans and were appropriately tested. Our team’s aim was to quickly evaluate the level of preparedness of all functional areas, highlight areas of potential risk and identify opportunities prior to the ‘Summer of World Athletics

Event Readiness

The Project

Conduct a strategic readiness review of all Functional Areas 6 months prior to the event and report on the status of preparedness to the executive board.

Our Role

The key objective of our role was to provide an operational readiness baseline for the current status of planning and make a series of recommendations to the organising committee to increase the levels of preparedness and confidence amongst the operational delivery teams. FOAMHAND® also developed a readiness roadmap and facilitated a number of scoping workshops and readiness desktop exercises.


The workshop outputs highlighted overlaps and current gaps in planning and enabled the Functional Areas leads to evaluate their interoperability with other functions they had dependencies on or service provision to.

Championship Coordination Centre (CCC)

The Project

The embedded FOAMHAND® team were tasked to design and build a trusted Central Operations Management Centre that could support functional area operations and coordinate the Organising Committee event-time delivery. A key challenge balancing the expectations of external partners, many of whom had significant involvement with London 2012 Olympics only five years earlier in the same venue. This balancing act needed to meet the available budget and resources in comparison to other major events.

Our Role

Our team designed, developed and managed the CCC for London 2017. A significant amount of effort was put into stakeholder engagement to ensure all partners were bought into the developing processes and policies. A strategy paper was presented to the executive team and signed off. FOAMHAND® used their experience of comparable events to design a bespoke operations hub that saved money but supported the resources to deliver two fantastic World Athletics Championships.


The most valuable outcome was taking staff and partners on the journey to becoming operationally ready to assist in the creation of what became the Championship Coordination Centre (CCC); a compact but agile C3 centre specifically designed for the event by FOAMHAND®. During the event, the CCC was carefully resourced by the right mixture of event professionals, planning oversight, communications specialists, volunteer radio loggists, and all managed by FOAMHAND® senior management team. The CCC enabled London 2017 to engage and respond to external partners, coordinate its own operations beyond the main venue footprint, and seamlessly integrate with the existing operations of both the London Stadium and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Our client said…

FOAMHAND were flexible and accommodating of our programme and broader needs. They were able to use their experience to quickly enhance the deliverables and understand our constraints. Their team also had the capability to assist with our response to evolving challenges arising from the recent terror attacks within the UK in the run up to the Championships. This helped to ensure our LOC felt confident and ready to deliver two successful World Championships”. Managing Director for London 2017 and Major Events Director for UK Athletics

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