Magna Carta 800th Anniversary

The Project

Runnymede is synonymous with the words ‘Magna Carta’ as this was the place on 15 June 1215 that King John agreed to have the ‘Great Charter’ sealed. This event has later become recognised as one of the most important events in English history as it marked the road to individual freedom, parliamentary democracy and to the supremacy of law.

An official ceremony to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta took place on Runnymede Meadows on 15 June 2015.

Our Role

FOAMHAND® was commissioned by Runnymede Council to provide event management oversight of the Magna Carta 800th Anniversary Pageant at Runnymede Pleasure Grounds, which was attended by over 5,000 members of the public, high profile dignitaries including members of the Royal Family and broadcast to a global audience due to the significance of the event. FOAMHAND® embedded into the council a highly experienced and skilled event manager to oversee all event management including the crowd management plan, risk assessment, event management plan, evacuation plan, transport plan and oversight of the event operations on the event days.


The event was a huge success and brought significant global exposure to the borough of Runnymede.

“I couldn’t have wished for better support. FOAMHAND really went above and beyond throughout”. Runnymede Council Magna Carta project manager

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