Ryder Cup 2022 – Host City Bid

FOAMHAND have recently been engaged to provide a venue spectator capacity assessment for a Ryder Cup 2022 biding course in Europe. This detailed assessment has enabled the bid committee to provide reassurance on the number of spectators that can be safely accommodated at the course. The FOAMHAND team have also developed the Transport and Security Plan for the bid dossier.

FOAMHAND are able to provide a wide range of services to golf venues that are looking to host major events.

  • Spectator demand modelling
  • Spectator capacity assessment
  • Crowd modelling
  • Crowd management planning
  • Readiness and testing exercises
  • Event time delivery
  • Experinced operational staff

To discuss theses services further please contact the team – info@foamhand.com

Commissioned to produce high-level transport, security and crowd management plans for the bid course in Catalunya. Delivered agreement on operational plans with key stakeholders including transport operators, local and regional government and Catalunya Police.


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