Transport Coordination


Adam was the project manager for the Transport Coordination Centre (TCC) for London 2012 on behalf of Transport for London and the Olympic Delivery Authority.  Overseeing the project from 2008 concept design through to a state of operational readiness in 2011.  As primary author of the Concept of Operations he brings the experience of operational communication developing C3 hubs for major events to the FOAMHAND team.

The London 2012 TCC was a huge success story for the UK transport industry showcasing how a diverse set of operators and infrastructure owners can unite with a common goal.  This collaborative environment was also the underlying ethos for the project team.  Adam engaged the services of a diverse range of consultants to build a high performing team including occupational physiologists, technical engineers, ergonomists, transport security and logistics specialists.

Adam’s Concept of Operations has formed the blue print for coordinating transport in major cities delivering mega events with its application being used at Glasgow 2014, Baku 2015 and Gold Coast 2018.