Meet the Team

FOAMHAND brings together over a decade of operational planning and delivery experience from more than 40 major events around the globe. Our team at FOAMHAND are proven global leaders in planning major crowd management operations, and skilfully equipped to make the most complex events both simple and deliverable.

What really makes us different is that FOAMHAND manage and operate the plans that we develop at the most critical time – on event day, giving us a unique perspective from planning right through to successful event completion.

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Adam Down – Chief Executive Officer
Adam is a C3 and operational planning specialist with a strong background in stakeholder engagement, he has developed operations centres and communication architecture for the most complex projects on the global stage.
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Eoghan Gill - Chief Commercial Officer Paul Foster – Chief Operating Officer Calum Nicholson – Chief Technical Officer
Eoghan is a qualified solicitor with a wealth of commercial and operational experience having worked at a senior level at over 10 major global events. Paul is a senior event manager and crowd management specialist, having managed some of the most challenging crowd movements of up to 250,000 visitors per day. Calum is a global expert in the planning, monitoring and real-time management of crowd flows and transport infrastructure, with international experience from the largest major events.
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