Crowd Management Planning

The smooth and safe operation of Venues, Live Sites, Transport, Security, and City Operations including the ‘Last Mile’ can only be achieved through a full analysis of spectator demand and an appreciation of operations during test events and at Games-time.


Robust spectator demand forecasts inform both infrastructure and overlay (permanent and temporary) requirements by accurately forecasting and profiling demand. In addition an early understanding of spectator demand is a vital to ensure structures such as bridges are appropriately scoped, designed and delivered.


Late realisation of the actual impact of spectator demand can be costly in the build and operational phases if not adequately reviewed by industry experts. Demand modelling informs event organisers of ‘spare capacity’ which potentially allows additional revenue opportunities from increased ticket sales.


Our team has lead the development of the demand tool for each of these clients and have advised, planned and delivered large scale crowd management operations.


Our Spectator Demand Tool will create a web-based application which will generate 15 minute spectator arrival and departure profiles for every competition venue, for every day of the event. Over time as more information is available the tool is flexible enough to embrace non-competition venues and forecast demand for live sites, fan parks, workforce and accredited groups.   Information from transport provides can also be incorporated to understand potential shortfalls in transport capacity.