Crowd Dynamics & Modelling

Our specialist team is experienced in, and focused on providing the safe and efficient movement of people.   Understanding crowd dynamics and the use of models to replicate crowd flow is a critical and valuable way of assessing how events will operate.  We provide a professional, effective and skilled approach to the planning, design and modelling of event infrastructure, using a number of pedestrian modelling simulation packages, designed to provide realistic simulation of pedestrian movements to inform better event planning through understanding pedestrian arrivals, walking speeds, facility layout and interaction with vehicular traffic.

We understand the movement of people in both crowded and non-crowded environments. We have an operational background combined with hands on experience of managing crowds – and this understanding informs and benefits our planning and design work. We know the practicalities and realities of crowd flows and incorporate these into our work. We create robust and realistic assessments that give our clients greater confidence. We understand our clients and the challenges they face.