Last Mile

The term ‘Last Mile’ was first used in the planning phase of the London 2012 Games. It refers to the pedestrian walking route from transport hubs such as a train or subway station to the venue, hence the ‘Last Mile’ of the spectator journey to venue. It is not literally a mile!This terminology is now a commonly used globally across the games world and it is widely accepted that this is a key element of the spectator experience and needs to be planned, resourced and managed appropriately.


Transport integration is a critical component of large event planning and our team seeks to ensure that the entire spectator journey will be considered as part of the planning and design process. Our experience covers integration both with public transport facilities (bus, rail, light rail, Bus Rapid Transit) and general traffic/transport (i.e. roads, cars, taxis, pedestrians, cyclists).


The FOAMHAND team is well placed to support venues, organising committees and landower’s in developing ‘Last Mile’ plans.