Spectator Demand Tool

One of the biggest challenges of any Games during the planning phase is ensuring Functional Areas and stakeholders are working from the same set of assumptions and data. Your tailored Spectator Demand Tool will create a ‘single source of truth’ and ensure all Functional Areas and stakeholders are working with the same planning data.
As an organising committee progresses in their planning, priorities will change, this is the only certainty. Information changes on a regular basis in the years and months leading up to a Games. However we understand things change and in turn are resourced appropriately to respond to changing venue capacities and competition schedules which can easily be updated on your web tool.

The creation of a Spectator Demand Tool early in the planning phase ensures:

  • All parties are using the same data – ‘single source of truth’
  • Agreement on core data with key stakeholders is secured
  • An opportunity to improve local knowledge and understanding
  • Efficiency – do it right first time
  • Assessment of crowd demand/flows, which are required to inform venue transport planning and temporary/permanent infrastructure designs
  • Adaptivity/flexibility –this can inform operational monitoring and incorporate all accredited groups to benefit other Functional Areas
  • Support contingency planning and scenario testing
  • A direct link into capacity assessments
  • Measureability – ability to monitor tool usage to demonstrate value and engagement

Our method for creating our demand tool is a tried and tested one which has been continually improved from games to games. The datasets we use to drive the profile include real-time information from most Olympic Games over the last decade. This ensures the profile is the most accurate in estimating spectator arrival and departure demand in 15 minute segments.

Our demand tool delivery programme includes 3 simple stages:

  • In country data collection including a workshop with the client and key stakeholders
  • Databook creation and Demand Tool development and testing
  • Demand Tool Delivery – including overview presentation to the client and key stakeholders and associated training and support.